Full Dentures: Our removable restorations are fabricated with a wide range of multi-layered composites, hardened acrylics, or porcelain denture teeth for beautiful results.

Flexible Partials: The translucent metal-free partials by Valplast allow the natural tissue tone to show through. These partials are beautiful, comfortable, and durable.

Cast Partials: Vitallium 2000 has unprecedented fracture resistance and extraordinary strength, which results in lighter partial removals.

Acetal Resin Clasps: Acetal resin tooth-colored clasps offer proven performance, excellent retention, and ideal flexibility. They are skillfully crafted to be resilient, fracture-resistant and monomer-free.

Implant Overdentures: Custom screw-retained removable, retrievable and fixed restorations of all types can be fabricated by our expert implant group. We can also assist in the treatment planning and component selection to insure cases are crafted to your patient's satisfaction.

Full Metal Ceramic

Implant Prosthesis




Lava tooth crown

Functional Appliance


Screw Plat Appliances

Acrylic Dentures

CO-CR Denture

Flexible Denture

Mouth Guard

Sleep Guard

Sport Guard

Ball Attachment

Norway Attachment

Side Attachment


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